Skype laughterclub

Welcoming You to Laugh with Us!

Welcome to the new Skype laughterclub page. This is a true showing of how Skype laughterclub works to connect people around the world. Most of our leaders and laughers have never actually met each other, yet we feel the special connection that only laughter can give people.

An example of this bond is in this very webpage; as it was made by Aleksandra, the text written by Muriel, and the logo  made by Hanna. All I had to do was to ask and it all happened.

The truth is Skype laughterclub is not something that you can do alone. It needed me and Ines to start it. Along the way it needed Andreas to laugh with me. And then came Anton, Gabi, Rachel, Dani and Kalina. We got Donna, Sean, Marina, Muriel and so on. At the moment we have multiple active leaders who are ready to provide hundreds of people  around the world with giggles. Sometimes there are many on the call and sometimes we laugh alone. We are sure that one day Skype laughterclub will have so many leaders that we will have a laughter session starting  24 hours a day.

I myself love the laughterclub for it helps me to have my daily dose of laughter.  I’ve made a lot friends around the world. It is amazing how close you can feel with people that you only met laughing over Skype.

We welcome you to laugh with us!

Love and laughter,

Anu =0)

Skype laughterclub schedule

The sessions are as follows:

2 am GMT (Jagat and Radhika) Mon-Sat
3 am GMT (Jagat and Radhika) Sun
5.30 am GMT (LY University) Mon-Sat
12 pm GMT (LY University) Mon-Sat
9 am GMT (Anu, Jane, Muriel) Mon-
6 pm GMT (Sophie) Mon
6 pm GMT (Corinne) Thu
7 pm GMT (Seva) M-F. 6pm GMT (Seva) Sat-Sun.
+ extra ones!!!

We are in daylights savings time, so many places in the world change according to GMT so please use world time buddy to find your own laughing time.

How to join Skype laughterclub?

It is easy, just follow this steps. Also if you never used Skype before please download it from here and install the program.

  1. Add “laughterclub” to your contacts.
  2. when you see “laughterclub” on line, SEND a message that you would like to join the session, do not call.
  3. Never call the whole group.
  4. When the laughter session starts, the leader will make a group call for those who have said that they wish to join, we start laughing immediately, no talking.
  5. Laughterclub is all about laughing, so if you have another agenda, please try another Skype.

About Skype laughterclub

2009, Ines and Anu decided to have a Skype laughterclub. We had it first on Sundays and we had nicely laughers with us. Then we noticed to have a lot to do, on Sundays and it fainted a little bit.

But then we started adding laughter times to calender, and laughing more. Then we got Anton and then Donna to lead. We had more laughing times and more laughers. This year Sean stepped in and we have few leaders dropping in from time to time.

It is amazing how this has grown and it is amazing to share a magical love towards people you only know only by laughing in the internet with them.

I wonder if in the next three years we will grow to fill our leaders dream to have a laughter session starting 24 times a day. Giving everyone a chance to laugh from home or office or with your mobile from the street.

If you want to be a leader this amazing crew just send email, to and tell what week day and what time would be good for you.

If you just want to join the fun and laugh, it is easy: add “laughterclub” to your Skype contacts and hang on at the laughing times. You’ll get a message asking if you wish to join and when you say yes, you get a call full with laughter.

We are waiting for all of you